In The Zone, The Kitchen Zone

Heard of the "Kitchen Work Triangle?" With the football season getting into full swing, we hear terms like ‘red-zone’ and ‘end-zone’ all the time.  Today’s kitchens are often incorporating “zones” as well—such as prep zone, clean up zone, serving zone,...Full Article

The 5 Best Design Ideas for Small Spaces

The 5 Best Design Ideas for Small Spaces It can be difficult to find ideas that will work within small spaces. Big or small, a well-designed space has little to no clutter and optimal efficiency. For those with small kitchens,...Full Article

Quick Kitchen Upgrades

Quick Kitchen Upgrades When you’re planning a kitchen remodel, there are a lot of factors to consider, including the amount of time that you have to dedicate to the project. Unfortunately, not every homeowner can afford to spend time on...Full Article

Where’s the Love? Bring it Back with Updated Storage Solutions

Bring Back the Love of Your Kitchen 4 Reasons Updated Kitchen Storage Solutions are the Answer For many households, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. A dysfunctional kitchen can even cause you to loathe your own home....Full Article

5 Must Have Cabinet Organizers for Your Kitchen

5 Must-Have Cabinet Organizers for Your Kitchen Kitchens can easily become cluttered with appliances, cookware, and other specialty gadgets. Keeping these items organized and accessible can seem overwhelming. Just when you think you’ve put away everything, another accessory shows up....Full Article


MINNEAPOLIS, MN (2/9/2017) -  The hot new KitchenWise concept is set to launch in the Twin Cities Metro at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show FEB. 24-26 and MAR. 3-5, 2017.   The grand opening of the hot new KitchenWise...Full Article

The Roll-Out Revolution

For many homeowners, kitchen storage seems to be an on-going battle where the mess is always able to stay one step ahead of the organization.  How many of us need to take out a whole stack of pans in order...Full Article

A Kitchen Designed to Age in Place

Alternative Care Solutions As the baby – boomer generation began reaching retirement age in recent years; the topic of aging in place has been at the forefront as the medical community scrambles to take on the challenge of so many...Full Article