The days are growing longer and warmer as the birds start singing and the flowers begin blooming – you know what that means. Spring is almost here! Take advantage of Mother Nature’s annual renewal by doing a bit of renewing around your house this spring. Wrap up the winter by marking off those to-dos on your spring checklist. Let Kitchen Wise make your life easier and more efficient by organizing spaces around your home to free up your time – as well as your mind – to enjoy warm-weather activities.

From Top to Bottom

Take advantage of springtime by leveraging the energy of renewal and tapping into the season of fresh starts. Say goodbye to stale winter air by opening the windows of your home, breathing in the fresh air, and getting to work on clearing out your home – from top to bottom. Here are a few ways to help check off boxes for spring cleaning:

  • Donate clothing you haven’t worn in more than a year. American Red Cross, Dress for Success, and Goodwill are just a sampling of a number of places that accept clothing donations. Some organizations even pick up donations!
  • Clear out kitchenware that you never use. Big Brothers Big Sisters accepts most kitchenware, and organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, and Society of St. Vincent de Paul accept kitchen and tableware.
  • Consider customizing your closets and cabinets to help better organize your home, making your spring checklist easier to manage next year. 

The time and energy invested in this task will pay dividends when you want to make the most of time with your family this spring and summer. It’s much better to spend the afternoon playing badminton in the backyard than spend it looking for the net.

Kitchen Wise Owner Offers Advice

Once you’ve simplified and decluttered, what’s next? If you need some direction on where to start with the rest of your spring checklist, Michaeleen Jensen, one of the owners of Kitchen Wise of Salt Lake City, shares advice on making the most of what Kitchen Wise can do for your kitchen. She reminds readers that Kitchen Wise’s custom organization solutions are made to fit your kitchen’s unique needs. You don’t have to install a whole new kitchen this spring!

Save yourself time and energy by maximizing the space in your kitchen – not only for summer but for every day of your life. By investing in storage that makes life more efficient, next year’s spring checklist will be much shorter! This will leave you and your family more time to enjoy the warm weather and the joys of spring and the celebrations of summer.


If you are interested in a free design consultation to bring your dream kitchen to life, contact us at 855-210-5889, or book online today to find a location near you. Revamp your home the right way with Kitchen Wise, and check home organization off your spring checklist.