Bring Back the Love of Your Kitchen

4 Reasons Updated Kitchen Storage Solutions are the Answer For many households, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. A dysfunctional kitchen can even cause you to loathe your own home. One of the top reasons that homeowners list for being displeased with their homes is the functionality of their kitchen. A kitchen may even look beautiful on the outside, but all that beauty is doing is keeping the disaster hidden behind closed doors. There are few things more frustrating than getting on your knees to dig through cabinets, searching for that pan at the bottom of the stack and having a mountain of unorganized cookware fall out onto the floor. Storage solutions have come a long way in recent years in terms of quality and options. Ditch the cluttered shelves and cabinets and upgrade your space with modern storage solutions that will take your kitchen to the next level. 1. Hide the Clutter

There is no denying that those of us that love to spend time in the kitchen preparing great meals end up collecting a lot of cookware, gadgets, and appliances. There should be no shame in following your passions and doing what you love! However, our passions can quickly get away from ourselves if we allow all those great new items we keep picking up to pile up without a proper home. Before we know it, it is impossible to see beyond the first line of items, and sometimes we are lucky just to be able to get the door or drawer shut! There is hope! Updated storage solutions could be just what you need to maximize your space while keeping all that clutter organized. 2. Easy Access to Cookware
You’re in the heat of battle. The burners are red hot, pans are sizzling, and the range is full of the different components of your meal. Like a master plate-spinner, you are jumping between pans giving each that special touch just when it is needed. That is until, suddenly, you need that can from the pantry that you just can’t seem to find, or that specialty tool at the back of an over-stuffed drawer. This is always a frustrating reality for those of us that cook often, and it is a great way of breaking up the flow of completing the task at hand. When your kitchen is not working for you it can quickly become a space that you begin to resent rather than love. Installing updated storage solutions will make it easy to access all of the necessary tools that you need to whip up one of your famous dishes. 3. Maximize Space

Many times, we may already have all of the space needed to physically store all of the items we have stashed in our cabinets. However, most of the time stock base and pantry cabinets do not come outfitted in a way that really maximizes the storage capacities of those cabinets. Specialty organizers often times can manage that space more effectively, while adjustable custom roll out shelves are always a great way to configure your cabinets precisely for what you are storing inside them. Modernized kitchen storage can help you to maximize your space and fit everything you could possibly want or need neatly inside your kitchen cabinets. 4. Food Organization

Corner cabinet Lazy Susan organizers, as well as, our pantries can often become an over-crowded disaster in the blink of an eye. We have no idea what products we have if they are expired, or which far-flung corner they were pushed in. The next generation of Lazy Susans come with pull out sections for easy viewing and access, as well as a high lip to prevent items from tipping off every time you go to get something out. Pantry organizers come in a variety of options, from Russian-doll like collapsible organizers, to pull out and swing out units, as well as the ever-popular top to bottom adjustable custom roll out shelves. All of these options will help you keep items easily viewable and accessible saving you time (searching for items) and money (on wasted food items). Life happens! And that is okay! That is why Kitchen Wise is here to help with your organizational woes. Affordable updated kitchen storage solutions hold the key to bringing your kitchen from a stressful mess to a functional harmonious space. To learn more information about modern storage solutions for your kitchen in the Twin Cities Metro, visit or call to schedule a complimentary consultation with our professional design consultants. Posted: July 5, 2017 KITCHEN PANTRY