October is National Kitchen and Bathroom month, which means it’s the perfect time to give your bathrooms a lift! Simplify your daily routine by organizing the cabinets in your bathrooms with Kitchen Wise storage solutions. When you organize the assortment of beauty products, cleaning supplies, and linens in your bathroom, you can reduce the stress of getting up and out the door. 

Toss out expired or unused beauty products

Our bathroom cabinets tend to become a graveyard for half-used beauty and hygiene products. These containers can take up a lot of space and also shouldn’t be left sitting open for an extended time. Prioritize using up whatever products you have already opened before buying more. Toss out any products that have been left open for a long time or those that have expired. Cutting down on the number of products in your bathroom cabinets will minimize your time spent organizing.

Store products in reusable containers

Keep beauty products such as cotton swabs or bath salts in jars or containers. Many products may come in bottles or plastic bags which take up excessive space or make organizing difficult. Store your products in containers that will take up less space in your cabinets—and look nicer, too.

Categorize and separate different items

Group the objects in your cabinets, such as linens, beauty products, and cleaning supplies, and keep them separate. We recommend installing shelving or a divider between them if you store them all in one cabinet. Not only will this separation keep them organized, but it will prevent harsh chemicals in cleaning products from contaminating linens or beauty products. These rollout drawers are great for organizing a bathroom with limited storage!

Looking for more great ways to organize your bathroom or kitchen? Kitchen Wise is here to help! We offer the largest selection of cabinet and pantry organizer products on the market, complete with free design consultations, quick turnarounds, and professional installation. Call 855-210-3727 for your free estimate.