It can be difficult to find ideas that will work within small spaces. Big or small, a well-designed space has little to no clutter and optimal efficiency. For those with small kitchens, here are some of the best design ideas to make your small space feel bigger and look great. Let There Be Light Lighting is one of the best ways to open a space up. Adding incandescent lighting underneath upper cabinets and as ceiling spotlights can create shadows which will provide visual movement between light and dark spaces. Cabinets that are lit from within can also lighten up your kitchen and make it appear bigger. Kitchen Islands If you have enough space, consider adding a kitchen island. It doesn’t have to be a huge, but using that extra three square feet for a kitchen island can provide you with some much-needed workspace and storage. If your kitchen feels cramped with an island but you want the benefits of having one, you can always design or buy one that has wheels. When you’re done using your kitchen island, simply roll it into a closet and out of sight. Light Colors Using a color scheme that is light is another great way to create the illusion of a larger space. Neutral tones, pastels, and white are all great color options, whereas bright or dark colors can make a room look small. Consider using monochromatic (unicolor) color schemes as well. You can use different shades of the color you choose, but by keeping it somewhat uniform, space will appear more open. Smart Storage With limited space, it’s important to reduce clutter. By including smart storage solutions in your kitchen design, you can hide away appliances and kitchenware that take up physical and visual space. If your cabinets are filled, use wall hooks strategically placed to accommodate smaller kitchenware items. Pots and pans can be hung from a wall-mounted pot rack or one hanging from the ceiling. Pantry organizers will also allow you to efficiently store your food items, the classic top to bottom adjustable roll-out shelve setup is always a great way of achieving this goal. Ultimately, there are endless ways to rethink storage and maximize the limited space you have. Open Shelving Not only does open shelving look great, but it also offers more great storage. Also, don’t be afraid to go vertical in small spaces. This is the easiest way to create extra storage space. Exposed shelves can open a room up, and make it look large and airy. Open shelving is also a great way to add character to your small space. Show off your dishware and style and draw the eye upward to stretch the visual dimensions of your small space. The professionals at Kitchen Wise of Minneapolis can help turn your cramped kitchen into an open, spacious room. Using innovative storage solutions and design solutions, we’ll make your kitchen feel much bigger than the square footage implies. Give us a call today to see how we can help. Posted: August 6, 2017