Thank you from Kitchen Wise

Thank you for your interest in Kitchen Wise! We have received your information and will be reaching out to you shortly.  In the meantime, feel free to browse the website to get helpful ideas for your kitchen organization needs. For immediate assistance call the number located at the top of the webpage or email  We appreciate the chance to bring organization, functionality, and efficiency to YOUR kitchen, pantry, or bathroom!


Like most people that begin to think about organizing their kitchen, it’s hard to not investigating your options and thinking about your own needs. That’s why we have included a variety of methods for you to complete most of your due diligence on this website. Our gallery of products, client testimonials, and the Kitchen Wise Organized Kitchen Ideas Guide are all great resources where you can learn about all the wonderful options. We look forward to speaking with you to schedule a time to provide you with a FREE Design Consultation and an estimate on your perfect kitchen. We also welcome you to think about the following self-discovery to get a jump on things.

Create a list of what you hate

Like most of us, it’s great when you know where your favorite spatula is when you need it. Think of the times when you can’t find that spatula under a pile of other utensils; when you reach for a pan and it’s on the bottom of a stack of pans; when finding a spice is a 10-minute ordeal on your hands and knees; or when your pantry looks like a war zone. We all have those things we hate in the kitchen. Make your list of what you hate and set yourself free! 🙂

Give thought how to optimize functionality

More simply stated, let’s think about how to make your kitchen better for the way you work in it. When is the last time you evaluated where things are placed and why? Is there a better place that will make it easier for you to access certain things when you are going fast. Identify the key places you do the most work in your kitchen and analyze what you need by those spaces to be more efficient.

Identify hard-to-reach or wasted space

Many homeowners are faced with limited space in their kitchen and pantry. With no way to expand on the outside, you need to look inside your cabinets to identify opportunities to gain space. There are also those places that are impossible to reach. Create a list of those places and we will make sure every inch of your cabinets are optimized for you, the way you work in your kitchen and space you desperately need to reclaim.