With spring finally here, it’s time to get organized. Spring cleaning can feel like an overwhelming task, especially when your cabinets and pantries are overflowing with clutter.

Kitchen Wise can help you reclaim your cabinets and countertops. With bespoke storage solutions designed to fit the space you already have, Kitchen Wise organization makes your life easier.


Michaeleen Jensen, one of the owners of Kitchen Wise of Salt Lake City, offered her advice on how to get the most out of Kitchen Wise products.

  1. What are your most popular products? 

The rollout drawers are the most popular for sure. We also sell a lot of the spice rack systems, chrome pull outs, and the chrome tray dividers.

  1. What are your best tips for how customers can make the most of their organization systems? 

We really like to get the customer talking about what their needs are and then offer solutions from there. Pantries with lazy susans in the middle of shelves are a great solution to help make the most of the cabinets with the roll outs. The vertical spice racks can help organize spices either alphabetically or otherwise.

  1. What Kitchen Wise service do you think more customers should know about?

We are custom, so you do not have to replace your cabinets in order to have great organization and great hardware. We can replace any drawer that is damaged or broken, as well as replacing all their hardware. We can also make drawers and existing cabinets soft-close. Finally, we’re more than just kitchens – we can also move into and help organize any room in the house, like laundry rooms and bathrooms and closets.

  1. If you could give one piece of advice to new customers, what would it be? 

Investing in things that improve your daily function has a great deal of wisdom. Think about how many times you have to use your kitchen cabinets and how much easier it is to be able to pull out the contents instead of getting down on your knees in some cases to pull everything out to get to what is in the back. Plus, improving your kitchen adds to the value of your home if you ever resale.

  1. How does Kitchen Wise add value to your home?

The upgrade to your existing kitchen or any other room is less money than replacing what you have, so there is great value in Kitchen Wise.


For a free consultation to bring your dream kitchen to life, give Kitchen Wise a call at 855-210-5889.