Kitchen Drawer Envy
Kitchen drawers—wide or narrow, are excellent ways to maximize convenience in the kitchen—and although a base cabinet with pull out tray type shelves are better than none, the mighty drawer allows for an impressive array of storage options and faster convenience and less smacking of the door and the pullout.  Kitchen drawer usage ranges from including stacked dishes (with handy inserts with dowel dividers), pots and pans, bread central storage and baking needs, larger flat linens, storage containers, and bulky serving platters.

Taller drawers work well in bathrooms to accommodate taller products, small appliances, and could even accommodate plugins in the back.  Drawers in laundry rooms can serve to accommodate a package wrapping center.  Glide types can be extra heavy duty to handle the full weight, and fully extend—the hardware chosen makes a difference in performance, and depending on use, the bottom can also be reinforced to handle additional loads.  Now doesn’t all that sound like a good choice?

Posted: June 19, 2019