Dealing with all the clutter can seem like a losing battle. After one intense, multi-dish meal, the kitchen can look like a natural disaster struck. Even once the dishes and everything else are all put away, it may still feel like the kitchen is bursting at the seams, just waiting for everything to spill out and create an intolerable mess all over again. The typical reason for this is simple: most things like spices and whisks don’t belong on the counter, but often the place where they do belong is a crowded mess. When it’s time to put everything away, if the place they are supposed to go is a mess, cleaning will always be a massive effort. Over-stuffed, messy kitchen cabinets make picking up a kitchen unpleasant and time consuming. Being reluctant to deal with the madhouse behind the closed doors will create mental resistance to cleaning at all. The moral? Organize, consolidate, and re-arrange to free up space and give every utensil, pot, pan, and condiment its own home to go back to. Brimming with Junk Think of your kitchen cabinets as your last line of defense against entropy. They are what keeps everything from being in an abhorrent pile upon the floor. When this final bastion of cleanliness becomes compromised, items tend to become pushed back and find their way where they don’t belong, such as on top of the refrigerator or counters.

To re-calibrate your defenses, so to speak, the first step should be an en masse exodus of every single item within the cabinets. Many people want to hear that their work will involve a mere bit of shuffling, but the truth is that lack of effort will lead to some odd organization choices, like a drawer full of clothes pins, twist ties, old batteries, coupons, etc. Plus, many neglected kitchen cabinets can benefit from a solid cleaning. So, to reiterate, begin the process of reclaiming your habitat by ejecting every single belonging from your cabinets and drawers. You can choose to focus on one area at a time or make a day project out of it by essentially “moving out” of your kitchen so you can “move back in” in a more deliberate and organized fashion. Also, once you’ve pulled everything out of its hiding place, you may discover an embarrassing quantity of objects that simply don’t belong. Throw out any expired items, loose trash, useless trinkets like old beer caps, or anything else that doesn’t feel vital to daily kitchen activities. If you absolutely can’t part with an item despite knowing it will only be useful once in a blue moon, consider boxing it up and placing it in a storage space for later. Get Back to Normal Once the rabble has been thrown away, and the kitchen cabinets have been dusted and wiped out, you can begin replacing items one at a time. The key is to logically pair everything so that the cabinets can compartmentalize your kitchen activities. For example, saucepans and frying pans shouldn’t occupy the same space unless there’s a good reason. Likewise, with Tupperware and appliances like blenders. Resist the temptation to haphazardly jam everything back in. The more thought you put in to your system, the more your brain will prevent you from reverting drawers and cabinets back to the chaos that they were before. Enlist Reinforcements A great motivator for staying organized is to purchase items designed to maximize your space. Many cabinet shelves are simply spaced too far

apart for the average kitchen, so consider buying smaller, stackable shelves to tuck everything away nicely. A tiered spice rack is also an incredible investment, as are hanging caddy shelves that allow you to place cleaning supplies under the sink without packing them in. Other items to help you stay organized include, pullout storage shelves in your base cabinets or pantry, drawer inserts for spices and cutlery, tray dividers, and of course a Lazy Susan to mention a few. One of the more time-tested solutions for both making it easy to organize and gain more storage space is with roll-out shelves. Roll-out shelves can be custom sized, so that nearly any cabinet can take advantage

pantry cabinet with roll out shelves of this versatile organizer. That way, everything will be pulled out in plain view and into the direct light rather than hiding away in its cubby. With these tips, and a healthy amount of elbow grease, you can reclaim your kitchen from disorganization over the course of a weekend or even a couple of hours. At Kitchen Wise, we pride ourselves on helping our customers create a space that functions exactly how they need it to. Contact us for help to make your home both fun and functional. Posted: September 27, 2018 KITCHEN