A small kitchen can be the damper on a perfect house, but it doesn’t have to be. With a remodel, you can turn this space into the kitchen of your dreams, leaving you to forget about the amount of available square footage. These small kitchen designs and ideas will open up the storage possibilities, improve the aesthetics and better the eat-in options of your kitchen. Small Kitchen Designs with Innovative Storage When you’re working with a smaller kitchen, you have to think outside the box when it comes to your kitchen storage. By going beyond your cabinetry and pantry spaces, you can create more room for appliances and food, maximizing the area of your kitchen. During your kitchen remodel, your team of contractors should be able to offer you these innovative storage solutions. For instance, with specialty drawer inserts, you can eliminate the need for a knife block or spice rack, which can eat up room on your countertops. Cabinet pullouts will allow for you to access all the space in your cabinets, maximizing your storage and making it easier to access appliances in the back. A Lazy Susan can also be incorporated into your pantry so that storage space is not wasted on corners. Features that Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger If your small kitchen makes you feel claustrophobic, there are features you can add to the space that make the area seem bigger. Mirrored backsplash tiles, the use of natural light, and the inclusion of lighter colors can all make your kitchen feel like it’s a larger space than what it is. Even your choice of flooring can help make the room look bigger, and your kitchen renovation professionals can help you choose the right flooring for the space. Downsize the Clutter As difficult as it may be, ridding of the excess clutter in your kitchen is a sure-fire way to make more room while also increasing the aesthetics of the space. Rid of additional appliances you never use, exchange decorative pieces for functional ones and create storage for nearly everything to keep the space on the countertops clear. You will find that you have more room to work when cooking, and cleaning will be much easier as well. Rethink Your Eat-In Kitchen Options During the design process of your kitchen remodel, consider all of your options for an eat-in kitchen space. If you have an eat-in area, but never seem to eat at it, then you might want to use that space for something else. If you want an eat-in kitchen, don’t fret, for there are several small kitchen designs that include the ability to enjoy meals at a table-setting. For example, islands are a great way to include an eat-in area without having to sacrifice valuable room in your kitchen. You will increase the amount of countertop in your kitchen, which is always a plus, and you can simultaneously add a nice, eat-in space – it’s a win-win. Posted: March 18, 2019 KITCHEN