A Fresh, Clean Look for Your Bathroom

Every family is unique. When you choose one of our bathroom storage solutions, you choose the best quality on the market. We’ll explore how you and your loved ones use your space and then find the perfect layout and configuration. Each product will be customized to meet your individual requirements and installed quickly and safely by our expert and friendly team in Madison.

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Comfort, Style, and Tidiness: The Perfect Recipe for Relaxation

Bathrooms should really be our own little havens of peace and quiet. After all, is there anything more soothing and calming than a warm bubble bath at the end of a hectic day? We can help you to stow away small packages in well-organized drawers and cupboards. Meanwhile, bulky products such as cleaners and tissues can find their perfect home inside roll-out shelves within polished vanities and fitted cabinets.

A well-stocked cleaning supply caddy stashed away inside a tall closet can be easily accessed in a snap, to wipe away a spillage.If you are looking to make the most use of your limited bathroom space or simply want a better organizational system built around your unique needs, it is time to consider Kitchen Wise of Madison's intelligent bathroom storage solutions.

Lifetime Warranty

Shopping with Kitchen Wise is a lifetime investment for your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, and closet. Our products include a Lifetime Warranty*. Customers will receive any warranty provided by a manufacturer of any products installed.

*All installation service warranties are provided through your contractual agreement with the individual Kitchen Wise franchisee performing the installation services, which at a minimum, should include that all installations shall be completed in a good and workmanlike manner.
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Task lighting solutions

Task Lighting is an industry leader in LED lighting for your kitchen and all around your home. Your local Kitchen Wise technician can install strip lighting to brighten your countertops, closets and living spaces. Contact Kitchen Wise to ask about other available Task Lighting products. For power strip installation you will need the assistance of a local electrician.

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Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

Do you have a small bathroom that never seems to have enough storage space? Is it challenging to find a space for your soaps, towels, bottles, or skin care products? Whatever bathroom organization challenge you are facing, Kitchen Wise has the perfect solution for your needs. We know that your requirements are unique to you, which is why we go the extra mile in offering you solutions that are designed to enhance your home and personal style.

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Ready to level up your bathroom in Madison?

Contact Kitchen Wise see see how we can transform your bathroom. It will match your needs and make your life easier and more enjoyable.

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