Summer can be an exciting time for kids but a stressful time for parents. With no school, kids can enjoy time to relax and play. However, all this free time can be a bit much for parents. When kids are home, you may find that your house gets messier much faster. One common household area that can get disorganized very quickly is the pantry. Listed below are some of our best tips to keep your pantry clutter-free with your kids back home for the summer.

Designate a shelf for daily snacking:

If your kids enjoy snacking between meals, consider keeping a couple different snacks on an easily accessible shelf. This way, when kids get hungry during the day, they can grab a snack without rearranging other items in the pantry.

Keep special treats in one spot:

Certain snacks that are reserved for after a meal or as a special treat can be kept together on one shelf. Designate this shelf as a “treat shelf” to help establish expectations around eating. 

Group lunch supplies together:

Lunch is a great way to break up the day during the summer. Grouping basic lunch supplies such as bread, condiments, and chips close to one another can make preparing sandwiches much easier. Lunch is also a great meal for kids to learn how to prepare themselves. Consider keeping these items on a lower shelf if your kids are at an age at which they can make their own lunches.

Keep cereal and pasta in clear tupperware:

Storing cereal and pasta in clear containers can reduce how much space bulky boxes take up in your pantry. Additionally, using clear containers can make it super easy to know when to purchase more of these items. 

Color code different snacks:

If you have children with allergies or dietary restrictions, consider using color-coded labels to help them determine what is safe to eat. This practice can help your child learn to navigate their dietary restrictions and grant you peace of mind.

Use height to your advantage:

Keep foods that kids eat regularly on lower shelves. Consider moving other items such as cooking and baking supplies to higher shelves. Organizing with height in mind will make it easier for both children and adults to access food items they use the most on a daily basis. 

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