Whether your kids are young or old, every parent understands the need for a kid-friendly home. It’s every parent’s dream to have a home centered around fun, growth and learning, but you want it to be safe and secure as well. The experts here at Kitchen Wise have put together organizational ideas of how you can make your pantry, closets, and bathrooms more kid friendly and encourage organization!

Kitchen Pantry

There is something about a kitchen that all kids love. Whether it’s all the different utensils to use on pots and pans to make music, dumping all of the tupperware out of the cabinets, or raiding the pantry looking for the one snack they can’t seem to find – kids can turn your kitchen into a war zone. Kitchen Wise’s custom rollouts are the solution you need to keep your pantry and your kids organized and out of trouble! Here are a few tips on how to make your pantry more kid friendly:

  1. Designate one rollout to each child. By giving them each a separate section in the pantry they will know what snacks they are allowed to have and where it should go when they are finished.
  2. Use height to your advantage! If there are certain sweets you want to keep away from the kids, keep them up higher where they cannot access them.
  3. Designate “Grab and Go” snacks. One rollout can be named the “anytime shelf,” these are treats the kids can have anytime!

Their Closet

A neatly organized closet for your children will keep you from losing your mind. If you know where their shirts, pants, and socks are getting dressed in the morning will be so much easier! Here are a few tips the experts are Kitchen Wise have put together for a kid friendly closet:

  1. Organize everything so it’s more accessible. At the start of every week pick the entire week’s outfits ahead of time then label the day of the week on hangers, that way they can dress themselves in the morning with no debate!
  2. Find the reachable height for your child and make everything below it completely accessible.
  3. If your kids share a closet, stop sibling fights and divide up the space!

The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the home, outside of the kitchen and it’s not always as easy to use for every member in your household. Here are some tips on how to adjust your kids bathroom to their needs:

  1. Designate a pullout for each child. By keeping their things separate this will help prevent those dreaded fights over shampoo and brushes.
  2. Hook the bath towels low enough for your kids to reach.

Kitchen Wise’s organizational services offer unique solutions for your needs including: kitchens, bathrooms, closets and more! Call to schedule your free design consultation (855) 210-5889.