Spring cleaning is right around the corner and the best way to start is to organize your closet space! With high-quality products and one-day installs, Kitchen Wise can make this a reality for you. With our new closet organization services we are able to provide clients with custom storage solutions for their homes. Here are some tips and tricks for maximizing closet space and some strategies to implement that will transform your storage spaces!


Avoid Hybrid Zones

If there’s empty space in your closet, leave it! Resourceful Consultants stress that “the most important principle in closet organizing is to group like things together: Shirts with shirts, pants with pants.” By grouping things together you are always able to find them.


Items to be Stored by Frequency of Use

Think of all things you store in your linens closet or entryway closet. Anything you don’t frequently use should be stored away in the back or on a high shelf. By moving these items out-of-sight it saves you the time and frustration when you’re searching for those daily used items.


Uniformity is Key

Matching hangers, containers, and even shoe boxes will visually transform your closet and also help you maintain the space. Make sure to keep extra hangers at all times for new purchases! Without keeping additional hangers you ruin the risk of overcrowding and cluttering up your space again. Uniformity eliminates the visual clutter making it feel instantly cleaner!


A Rug or Chandelier Can Add Texture to the Space

Some pattern or texture can instantly transform your space! Adding small decorative items gives your storage space more of an esthetic feel which allows you to enjoy it more.


Kitchen Wise’s new closet organizational services offer unique solutions for your needs including: belt, tie, and scarf organizers, lighted shelving, shoe shelving, wardrobe lifts, and more! Call to schedule your free design consultation (855) 210-5889.