At Kitchen Wise, we have a special love for fall. Something about the cooler temperatures and falling leaves makes everyone want to spend more time cooking and baking at home. Of course, some of the fun lies in trying out new recipes and seeing just how many different ways there is to use Pumpkin Spice. With so many fun fall recipes, from soups and breads to pies and spice cakes, this season has no shortage of delicious foods. Before this fall, make sure to organize your kitchen with the Kitchen Wise product guide.

Organize pans and trays with bakeware storage

Baking fun recipes during fall is one of our favorite activities. We love the process of adding ingredients, stirring, kneading the dough, and… searching for a pan at the bottom of a jumbled pile? Instead of having to dig through your cabinets with hands covered in a mix of butter and flour, use bakeware storage to organize pans and trays so they are easily accessible.

Sort with a spice rack

Fall is the season for spice. Between the nutmeg and cinnamon, make sure you have a way of storing all your fragrant flavors by installing a spice rack. With our pull-out option, you’ll have plenty of space for all of your usual seasonings as well as fall favorites! Our best-selling three-tier spice pulldown triples the space you already have for a simple storage upgrade. 

Arrange pots with cookware storage

There’s nothing more jarring than the sound of pots crashing against each other after you pull one from a precariously tipping stack. Cookware storage will not only help you store your pots effectively so that they’re not on top of each other, but will make it so much easier for you to find what you need without having to search through your cabinets. 

Forget about trash

During baking, it’s always nice to have a trash can close by for tossing scraps and packaging. With our waste container solutions, trash cans are conveniently tucked away under your counters and out of view. They pull out with an effortless motion so you don’t have to worry about them tipping over or obstructing the floor space. 

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