The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in a home, serving as the center of a family’s life. While many of us have big dreams for how we want our kitchen to look and function, few of us have the time and finances needed to make this dream a reality. Fortunately, if you’re interested in enhancing your kitchen, you don’t necessarily need to plan a major home improvement project. In fact, with a few tweaks, you can make your kitchen feel like a completely new room. Here are a few simple kitchen enhancements that can maximize your kitchen’s appearance, and advice for working with a kitchen makeover professional. Updating or Adding to Your Lighting An important issue for the appearance of any room in your home is the lighting, and this is especially true in your kitchen. If you’re looking for an easy way to overhaul the appearance of your kitchen, add more lighting or update your existing lighting. For example, if you have trouble finding items in your cabinets due to low light, you can easily add under-cabinet lighting to improve your kitchen’s utility. If the light fixtures in your kitchen feel a little stale, you can add new fixtures that better match your current style preferences. Addressing your lighting is an effective kitchen enhancement. Switch Out Your Faucet The area of your kitchen that gets the most usage is usually your kitchen sink. While replacing your old sink can be a time consuming, pricey endeavor, replacing your old, boring faucet is a simple solution for giving your kitchen a new feel. Depending on the kitchen aesthetic you are attempting to achieve, you can easily find a low-cost faucet that will be both functional and attractive—the perfect combination when it comes to simple kitchen enhancements. Tackle Organization It’s nearly impossible to fully enjoy the kitchen in your home when you’re constantly trying to deal with clutter or a lack of space. Fortunately, you can deal with both of these issues without having to schedule a disruptive construction project. If your main goal is to improve the level of organization in your kitchen you can install items like sliding shelves or organizer inserts into your existing drawers and cabinets. On the other hand, if you’re interested in increasing the total amount of storage space in your kitchen, you can add wire shelves, under-cabinet shelves or floating shelves. Choosing any of these items can help you organize your kitchen and give it a cleaner, more open look. Address Your Countertops One of the biggest contributors to your kitchen’s appearance is your countertops. Unfortunately, installing new countertops is one of the more expensive kitchen improvement projects that you could choose. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to settle for unattractive surfaces in your kitchen. The best, easiest way to improve the appearance of the counters in your kitchen is to add a few strategic decorative touches. For instance, adding a large, classically styled cutting board can be an efficient way to maximize the style of your countertop. If you own your home, you may also consider painting your countertops a new and exciting color. To get a few ideas for changing the look of your countertops, it’s a good idea to consult with a kitchen remodeling professional. Change Out the Hardware Perhaps the most overlooked factor when it comes to the appearance of your kitchen is the hardware on the cabinets and drawers. If you have an older home, for example, the hardware in your kitchen may be making your kitchen feel stuck in the past. With a small amount of money and just a little bit of time, you can switch out the hardware in your kitchen and drastically alter the room’s appearance. Another simple kitchen enhancement that is similar to changing the hardware in your kitchen is swapping out your light plates. Most kitchens possess standard white switch plates that can become dingy and faded over time. If you want to improve your kitchen’s look, you can switch out these light plates for something more attractive, such as stainless steel. Choose a New Backsplash During a kitchen remodel, the final touch that ties the whole room together is adding the backsplash. Without an attractive backsplash, you won’t be able to achieve the attractive kitchen that you need and deserve. When you’ve gotten tired of your kitchen’s old appearance, the best way to give the room a new look with minimal effort is by adding a new backsplash. You can choose a new color, combine multiple colors and finishes or add a few peel and stick tiles to transform your backsplash and your kitchen. Whether you pair the new backsplash with other enhancements or choose this as your only redesign project, you’ll be able to give your kitchen a fresh design without a large investment. Lay Down a Carpet To make cleaning easier and to provide a subtle, attractive look, many kitchens possesses tile or wooden flooring. However, not every area of your kitchen is subject to spills, and if you want to increase the warmth of your kitchen without installing new flooring, an exciting kitchen enhancement is to add a few throw rugs. Adding rugs to your kitchen area serves three important purposes. First, it makes it more pleasurable for your family to walk through your kitchen. Secondly, adding rugs can transform the style of your kitchen flooring without the effort required to actually install new flooring. Thirdly, and finally, adding rugs to your kitchen is an inexpensive enhancement. Get Help with Simple Kitchen Enhancements As you can see, giving your kitchen a new look isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. By choosing the right simple enhancements, you can give your kitchen a brand-new look and feel that your friends and family will be sure to love. If you need help with anything organization related for your kitchen, pantry, or bath, Kitchen Wise is here to help! Kitchen Wise also supplies decorative hardware updates, as well as, all your functional hardware to keep your kitchen functioning well! Call your local Kitchen Wise today to schedule your free consultation. Posted: March 20, 2018 KITCHEN